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Mangosteen is a real food. The best types of supplements come from products created using natural foods rather than synthetic chemicals. Mangosteen is a part of the fruit family found in Southeast Asia.

This magnificent super food is high in antioxidants. You could get all of the benefits of mangosteen by eating the flesh of the natural fruit, but it is mess and a bit of an ordeal to get to. The soft, white flesh that holds all of the delicious fruit is covered by a very hard shell-like bark.

A much better way to get mangosteen in your diet is to buy it in a commercially created product such as juice or in pill form. Mangosteen is also very hard to find as a fresh fruit in most European and American markets. Although canned or frozen forms of the fruit are sometimes found, the processes of canning or freezing are detrimental to the healing properties found in the fresh or powdered form of mangosteen.

Along with being highly touted as a cancer inhibitor, mangosteen is also beneficial in the treatment of diarrhea, urinary tract infections, skin and other types of infections and even tuberculosis. It has been used for centuries by the native population where it occurs naturally.

The best use is the powdered, pill form because all parts of the fruit including the hard shell are used to increase the potency of the antioxidants the plant contains. Some research has shown that a topical application of the fruit helps reduce acne. Because it is all-natural, there are no known side-effects from taking mangosteen.

How Mangosteen Works

The white inner flesh of the mangosteen fruit is high in xanthonoids. These phytochemicals have strong antioxidants. The peel, or shell, of the fruit contains a chemical that reduces c-reactive proteins, which combat inflammation, which is why powdered and pill forms of the fruit make the best dietary supplements.

Some may confuse mangosteen with garcinia cambogia. Both have strong healing properties, but garcinia cambogia is the product of a smaller fruit known as the tamarind. Garcinia cambogia is most often used to block fat storage and for appetite control rather than for any antioxidant or infection fighting ability. The American Cancer Society lists mangosteen as a helpful nutritional supplement to support immune systems, increase joint flexibility and also fight cancer, infections and some illnesses.

All forms of the commercially produced mangosteen fruit are equally beneficial as a supplement. However, pill and powdered form are much easier to use and store. Mangosteen juice is available, but it has a short shelf-life, and it requires a taste for the fruit that may limit its use by some users.

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