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It can be taken as a given that there will always be people interested in losing a few pounds, whether through diet and exercise, well-advertised supplements, or procedures such as liposuction. The good news in this arena is that more and more dieters are considering natural remedies for weight loss and taking advantage of traditional medicines that are easy on the body and still effective supplements to aid weight loss. While there are dozens of potential weight loss supplements to choose from, forskolin is a particularly popular choice that any dieter should consider.

Like many herbal remedies, forskolin has a long history. Taken from the roots of the plant plectranthus barbatus, forskolin has been used as an herbal remedy for a variety of ailments – for instance, cardiopulmonary issues such as angina or high blood pressure – since ancient times. In its more modern iterations, there are nearly countless potential uses for forskolin. It is taken orally for skin issues, menstrual cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, and urinary tract infections. Additionally, when forskolin is in liquid form, it can be used in eye drops to help relieve discomfort from glaucoma.

While forskolin obviously has a wide variety of uses and has a reputation as something of a cure-all, it has become the most popular as a natural supplement for weight loss. Indeed, it has even been identified by Dr. Oz as a supplement that targets fat cells, helping to burn them away more quickly than would occur without adding forskolin to a diet plan. As far as recommended dosage, Dr. Oz suggests taking 125mg of this supplement before eating breakfast each morning. In order to make sure the supplement is concentrated enough to show results, only buy supplements that are at least 10% forskolin.

Natural supplements are often attractive to dieters because, unlike certain weight loss pills or procedures, they are non-invasive and have few, if any, side effects. Of course, there are some mild potential side effects to keep in mind with forskolin. Forskolin eye drops can cause stinging when applied, and taking forskolin may result in lower blood pressure. Pregnant women should avoid forskolin, and those with heart problems should only take forskolin after consulting with a doctor (for instance, it can have major interactions with blood pressure drugs). Consulting a doctor is always a good choice when it comes to weight loss, and forskolin is really a risk only to those taking medications related to blood pressure or clotting. As with other natural remedies, however, most people can regularly take forskolin with few or minimal side effects, making it something to definitely consider adding to one’s diet when losing weight.

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