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As the latest weight loss craze, garcinia cambogia has been praised for its slimming properties. Even the great Dr. Oz has advocated the supplement, stating that it is the “Holy Grail of weight loss”. Still despite all of the claims many people are skeptical to try it as each new weight loss craze makes promises that fall short in the end. To determine if this all-natural supplement works, we have created a comprehensive guide discussing all the major garcinia cambogia points so readers can make an informed decision when deciding whether to try it or not.

Garcinia cambogia is a tropical fruit commonly found in places like Asia, India, and Africa. These places are the ideal location for cultivating such a plant as the vast moisture in the woodlands provides the fuel and support the fruit needs in order to grow. In South India, some natives even use it to season their seafood dishes as it has a light tangy and sour flavor. While the locals are unaware of this fruits weight loss properties they do utilize its other health benefits which are said to relieve arthritis, heal ulcers, and promote digestion. For all weight loss purposes, the supplement is made by extracting the fruit and includes most of the beneficial properties to help facilitate weight loss.

The fruits rind has hydroxycitric acid or HCA in it. In studies, this active ingredient has been shown to boosts fat-burning in the body while decreasing the appetite. Garcinia cambogia can actively block the enzyme known as citrate lyase that is responsible for converting carbohydrates into sugars and fats. This extract will prompt all consumed fats to bypass the cells and be excreted out with the rest of the body’s waste. Garcinia cambogia also raises the brain chemical serotonin which decreases appetite and makes you feel less hungry. These methods are all highly effective ways to lose weight as dieters can expect to lose several pounds within a months time.

Like with most supplements, the proper dosing along with the right timing is crucial to receiving the best outcome. The daily recommended dosage of garcinia cambogia extract varies as it depends on your current metabolism and weight. Dieters can consume about 500-1500 mg of HCA daily based on the daily recommended dosage. The best time to take this supplement is approximately 30-60 minutes before each meal as garcinia extract is water soluble (easily dissolves in water). You must wait at least a half hour before your meal, to ensure that the product has completely dissolved in your system, and to make sure that your serotonin levels have risen enough.

There are many qualifying factors one must take into account before deciding to take any supplement. All pregnant and nursing women should steer clear of garcinia cambogia as no clinical studies have been performed to determine the effects of this product on breast milk or an unborn child. Those who currently use blood thinners or have any heart related issues should also avoid this supplement. Garcinia cambogia can increase the metabolism and the heart rate. People with weak hearts will not be able to withstand this elevation.

It is our finding that garcinia cambogia is safe when taken with a healthy diet. Any decisions regarding weight loss extracts and supplements should be discussed with your primary physician to determine if there are any underlying factors that have to be addressed prior to starting a garcinia cambogia regime.

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